Another Review of the Gretsch G9231 Bobtail Resonator Guitar

The Gretsch G9231 Bobtail is the official return of the company once again crafting quality resonator guitars. The G9231 is the square neck version which allows those bluegrass lovers out their to really get the most our of their playing style. The cone featured within this piece of fine craftsmanship is Gretchs own Ampli-Sonic resonator cone, which gives a fantastic projection as well as volume due to it being hand-spun and nearly 99 percent pure aluminium. The body and neck of the G9230 is mahogany and features those classic F holes.

That authentic resonator tone comes from the G9230s spider-style bridge, and whilst there is an acoustic version available, you may want to plumb for the model that comes equipped with the Fisherman Nashville pickup as it really allows you to capture that perfect resonator sound whether you’re at home, in a studio, or even on stage. Whilst maybe not as loud as some of the top of the line models out there it still possesses the acoustics and quality tone to impress anyone whether you decide to go with the pickup or not.

Even though the difference is subtle, when playing the acoustic only alongside the Fisherman Nashville pickup you may notice that the acoustics are a little thinner on the pickup version, but as stated, the difference in sound quality is negligible if any and would only be enough to deter only the most hardcore of resonator players.

As an entry level resonator, the Gretsch G9231 is perfect if you’re looking for something that isn’t just acoustic and can be played at any venue, and it comes with a price tag that gives you more value, and when you take into consideration the inclusion of the Fisherman, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much value you get.

The installation of the Fisherman Nashville pickup is a fine piece of work from the wizards at Gretsch, as the connection between the spider and the pickup is very important when you are looking for the resonator sound to be well projected. And when you listen to the sound over all six strings with the pickup plugged in, you get a very even and satisfying ring and tone, all in all, a worthy addition by Gretsch.

What you need to understand when considering the Gretsch model is that, whilst you will find value for your money, the sound quality is not going to be akin to some of the top end models such as the Wechter/ Scheerhorns or Gold Tone Beards for obvious reasons. When it comes to resonator guitars you generally get what you pay for, so if you’re looking for that very top end sound, the Gretsch may not be the way to go.

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