Another Review of the Regal RD-40s Resonator Guitar

The Regal RD-40S features a similar body shape to the Californian resonators that were to be found in the 1930s and with it’s Power Reflex Chamber, gives you the volume that you need to be heard without an amplifier as well as a tone that is tough to match. The RD-40S is a single cone resonator that comes with a spider bridge setup. The body of the guard is made of mahogany, which is complimented beautifully by the spruce top that comes in Cherry Sunburst. The finish on the guitar is glossy and impressive looking and the inlay on the headstock only adds to the aesthetics.

Suited to both finger picking as well as slide players, the projection on the RD-40S is plenty enough to be heard over crowds and sound beautiful with the harmonics and overtones that it provides as stock and it is a guitar that is equally suited to both beginners as well as professionals. Whilst the sound is not going to be as rich as an OMI Dobro, the price difference may sway you for what is still a high quality-sounding guitar.

Not being a National and still being a resonator at the price that it is, the parts are what you would expect and do not come made from the higher quality woods and hardware of a more expensive guitar. The key to getting the most out of your Regal RD-40S is the art of fine-tuning and maintenance, once you have these aspects down then you should be set for many years of contented, quality resonator sounds.

The stock bridge appears to be quite cheap, but can and probably should be replaced so that better sound and longevity can be achieved. The strings should also be put under consideration for replacement, with a style which is a little more to your liking to improve feel as well as sound quality, and this kind of change has been known to make any slide playing more pleasing.

One issue that has been known to come up is the buzzing of the spider bridge, but this kind of problem can easily be fixed with a little tinkering, or if you know somebody who can tinker for you, by them. Another possible adjustment would be to replace the stock cone for something that is of a higher quality and with a better name, but once again this is down to personal preference and whether you are looking for your guitar to carry a sound that is a little closer to the top-end resonators.

If you’re in the market for an affordable resonator instrument that not only gives great sound but is also of high quality at a fraction of the price of the top of the line resonators then you will definitely want to check out the Regal RD-40s and add it to your repertoire.

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