Is This the Best Value Resonator Guitar Ever?

Resonator Guitar Value?

We’re talking about the Gretsch G5120……….and it’s a real beauty. The 5120 is an offshoot from the now legendary 6120, with past exponents being Eddie Cochran, Duane Eddy and Stray Cat Brian Setzer. Here’s Darrel Higham from The Guitarist magazine talking about Eddie Cochran and his G6120……if you can’t wait to hear this great sound then fast forward to around the 3 minute 50 second mark and see what we mean!

The 5120 is made in Korea, unlike the 6120 which is made in Japan. Another difference is price…..the 6120 will cost upwards of £2000 while the 5120 can be had for less than £800, representing fantastic value for money.

The tones are bright and pull-offs and hammer-ons sound clear. Bending is easy and the sound is amazing. It comes fitted with a Bigsby tremelo which is a world of improvement from a standard whammy bar. Although you can play it with an amp, the sound really takes a step up when the thing is plugged in, with the traditional “twang” sound being immediately obvious.

Gretsch do the setting up before shipping so it sound cool right from taking it out of the box. Be aware that they pack a small piece of foam under the bridge for shipping so you need to remove it before playing. This is easier said than done since you generally have to loosen the strings and therefore you may need to retune afterwards.

It’s got some brilliant reviews on Amazon and a number of people recommend a hard case for proper protection rather than just a soft case. Make sure the case fits it properly and holds the guitar without it moving around. If you manage to get hold of a 2008 model then  it should bear a special 125th Gretsch anniversary logo.

Our view is that if you get one of these then you’ll be the proud owner of one of the worlds best resonator guitars at a price which is quite simply amazing.


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