The Classic Cantabile RS-1 Acoustic Series – For Less Than £150?

Try the Classic Cantabile RS-1 Acoustic Series for Really Excellent Value

Classic Cantabile RS-1We thought we’d take a good long look around the market to see if it was possible to get a decent resonator for less than 150 quid. Now we know this wouldn’t be easy since there really is a lot of crap around for that kind of money. Despite that, we reckon we’ve found one for less than the target £150 which is also of very good quality.

The Classic Cantabile RS-1 Acoustic Series Resonator Guitar is  a single cone with a spruce/mahogany body and maple neck. The fingerboard is Rosewood with a scale length of 64cm. The RS-1 sounds really good on its own but its really excellent when plugged into a  decent amplifier.

Several Amazon reviewers commented on the excellent quality of build which is unusual for a resonator at this price. The only real niggle was that a few people commented that the stock strings which are fitted to the Classic are of inferior quality but these are obviously easily replaced. Resonators with this kind of build quality usually cost a fair bit more than this one. There were two negative reviews which seem to concern specific build issues but given the fact that there were many very positive reviews we consider that the company need to sort out some quality control issues. It doesn’t seem to affect many Cantabile RS-1 so the price outweighs the negatives.

All in all this is superb value for less that £150 and if you want to get into playing a resonator then its a steal.

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