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Review of London Guitar Shops

Ok, so you’ve decided to get yourself a resonator guitar but want to feel the thing in your hand and maybe play a little before you decide on the right one for you. The answer is clearly to visit a store which can provide some decent reso’s for you to try out. With that in mind we’ve reviewed London Guitar Shops to help you decide where to get what you want. Here goes!   GuitarGuitar Store, Epsom Address: 6 Capitol Square, Church...
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Review of the Gretsch Bobtail G9220 Resonator

What Do We Think of the Gretsch Bobtail G9220 Resonator? One thing we look out for when reviewing resonators is a real class instrument with superb reviews. Of course the damn things got to play great and the price should also offer value for money. Notice we didn’t say cheap. With all that in mind we think we’ve found one real beauty in the . The sound is great and it sustains brilliantly. Quite apart from that it looks and feels...
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The Classic Cantabile RS-1 Acoustic Series – For Less Than £150?

Classic Cantabile RS-1

Try the Classic Cantabile RS-1 Acoustic Series for Really Excellent Value We thought we’d take a good long look around the market to see if it was possible to get a decent resonator for less than 150 quid. Now we know this wouldn’t be easy since there really is a lot of crap around for that kind of money. Despite that, we reckon we’ve found one for less than the target £150 which is also of very good quality. The...
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Is This the Best Value Resonator Guitar Ever?

Resonator Guitar Value? We’re talking about the Gretsch G5120……….and it’s a real beauty. The 5120 is an offshoot from the now legendary 6120, with past exponents being Eddie Cochran, Duane Eddy and Stray Cat Brian Setzer. Here’s Darrel Higham from The Guitarist magazine talking about Eddie Cochran and his G6120……if you can’t wait to hear this great sound then fast forward to around the 3 minute 50 second mark and see what we mean! The 5120 is made in Korea,...
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Review of the Vintage VRA400 Resonator Guitar

The VRA400 is a 21-fret resonator with a laminate mahogany body and has a nato neck attached with rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. The finish is sunburst and the hardware is die-cast chrome making it a very eye-pleasing guitar. The cone that gives that resonator sound is a 10.5” aluminium spun single cone and it’s connected to a spider bridge to give it that classic tone. The top even comes complete with two fine mesh porthole sound holes, which give...
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Review of the Vintage Maple VRC-800 AMF Electro-Acoustic Resonator Guitar

This electro-acoustic resonator has a clean, simple, but visually effective maple-flamed body and chrome resonator with a singular F hole to help complete its unique look. The neck is also made of maple and has a rosewood fingerboard with dot position inlays and chrome, die-cast tuning machines on top. The VRC-800 features 12-frets as well as nice looking knurled-knobbed volume and tone controls. Overall, the simplicity of the look is what makes this resonator a delight to behold as you...
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SX Square Neck Resonator Guitar Review

This square neck resonator that is made by SX features a 10” cone and spider bridge with a rosewood fret board with mother of pearl dots inlayed. In total the Square Neck has 19 frets and has some very nice chrome finished machine head tuning pegs. The top and body of the guitar is Malapoka-styled wood, and has a vintage sunburst finish which is very pretty and stylish, giving this SX a very nice visual affect. This is a Dobro-styled...
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Another Vintage AMG1 Acoustic Resonator Review!

Vintage AMG1

The AMG1 is another National-style guitar and whilst not a re-hash of any model in particular, given a quick glance, would make any guitar enthusiast think about those 1930s National guitars that captured the imagination of an era. The AMG1 is crafted in the USA and has a bell brass body with an eastern mahogany neck that is finished off with a rosewood fretboard and chrome die cast tuners. The price of this Vintage AMG1 means that whilst it’s hardly...
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Review of the Gretsch Honey Dipper G9201 Resonator Guitar

Gretsch G9201 Honey Dipper Round-Neck Resonator Guitar Gretsch

If you’re looking for that bluesy sound associated with the Mississippi Delta, country and ragtime blues, then the Honey Dipper is probably a good place to start your search. The body of the Honey Dipper is nickel-plated and brass with the classic F style holes, and is complimented by a neck made of mahogany that comes with a rosewood fingerboard. The resonator sound found within the G9201 is produced by the Gretsch Ampli-Sonic resonator cone which is made almost entirely...
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Another Review of the Gretsch G9231 Bobtail Resonator Guitar


The Gretsch G9231 Bobtail is the official return of the company once again crafting quality resonator guitars. The G9231 is the square neck version which allows those bluegrass lovers out their to really get the most our of their playing style. The cone featured within this piece of fine craftsmanship is Gretchs own Ampli-Sonic resonator cone, which gives a fantastic projection as well as volume due to it being hand-spun and nearly 99 percent pure aluminium. The body and neck...
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