Review of the Gretsch Bobtail G9220 Resonator

What Do We Think of the Gretsch Bobtail G9220 Resonator?

One thing we look out for when reviewing resonators is a real class instrument with superb reviews. Of course the damn things got to play great and the price should also offer value for money. Notice we didn’t say cheap. With all that in mind we think we’ve found one real beauty in the GRETSCH BOBTAIL G9220 Resonator guitar. The sound is great and it sustains brilliantly. Quite apart from that it looks and feels superb. Reviewers commented about the excellent build quality and also they thought it was way better than a Schmidt or Johnson. Every single review we could find gave it the maximum 5 star rating. The body is mahogany with the traditional F-holes. The cone is hand spun from almost pure aluminium  and clearly has the desired effect on the quality of sound production. 

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All things considered, the build quality, sound quality and the undoubted Gretsch name, makes this a really good purchase for those looking for a mid price range resonator guitar with excellent value for money. It’s currently selling for around £450 – which is actually pretty cheap for a resonator of this quality.

Our overall summary:

Great quality, great sound and real value for money!

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