Review of the Hudson DMRG1 Resonator Guitar

One of the most horrible experiences of my life was when my Gold Tone GRSS got stolen from my car 2 months ago. The worst part is that it was only 3 months old!

I spent so much time and a ridiculous amount of money on that guitar, making adjustments and tweaking it so that it sounded exactly the way I wanted it. Thankfully insurance paid out.

The only problem was that the shop I bought it from originally, closed down and I couldn´t find any other store that had it. My only option was to buy one online from the U.S (I live in England) and have it shipped over, not something I wanted to risk.

I made peace with the fact that I would have to settle for something else, and was recommended the Hudson DMRG1 by someone who traditionally swears by the Gretsch brand! Given the big difference in appearance between what I had and what I was looking to buy, I really wasn´t too convinced. Then again I´m not too bothered with appearances.

Considering the price was much lower than the GRSS, I wasn´t really expecting a sound as great as the GRSS, but anyone who knows who Hudson will tell you that their resonator cones sound the way a resonator SHOULD sound. This guitar delivered exactly what the name promised!

I would recommend anyone who wants to play dobro to go for the square instead of round neck. The sound was very warm and big. I immediately felt like it could play as loud or as soft as needed – something I didn´t really experience with the GRSS. It did feel like the action was a little bit higher than the GRSS, something I knew I would want to change, but no big deal.

The tuners also felt a little bit stiff, but to be honest I prefer it that way. The model in the store already had the strings changed for heavier ones so I wouldn´t be able to say if the stock ones are any good. I typically like to find out what strings my favorite players are using, and stick to those. Other than that, I had to make no other adjustments to mine; it was playable right out of the box. With the weather here in England I do have to adjust the cone a little bit for the seasons, but that´s to be expected.

Intonation on this guitar pretty much matched that of the GRSS. As far as workmanship is concerned, again – you could tell that this guitar was under very strict quality control. Everything from the quality of the aluminium cone and the Rosewood finger board, to the finish of the brass body was flawless. It felt as if it should cost twice as much as it did.

All in all, having my GRSS stolen was a blessing in disguise, since this guitar in my opinion is just as good (if not better “out-of-the-box”). Needless to say I won´t be leaving this one in my car!

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