Review of the Regal RC-51 Tricone Guitar

This is a really nice tricone guitar with a superb sound. It has an impressive array of technical details, including:

Despite having no reviews on, this is a great resonator guitar with the sound reminiscent of the vintage National or National Resophonic but with a cheaper price tag. The RC-51 is actually made in China (they are getting too bloody good those Chinese!) and is intended as a partial replica of the National Style 1 Tricone dating all the way back to 1927. There are three resonator cones all connected by cast aluminium bridge. I particularly liked the pearloid overlayed headstock and flat fingerboard just like the early Nationals.

The RC-51 has a flat fingerboard like the 1930’s Nationals, which makes it easier to play as a slide. One recommendation is to fit some heavy gauge strings – it will significantly improve both tone and sustain and also eliminate any buzz. Go for a 0.13 high E.

If you want the 1920’s sound at a cheap price then this is a pretty good buy in my opinion. Change the strings, drop in an ebony saddle and its damn good value for money. Take a look at the details here.

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