Review of the Regal RD-40S Squareneck Resonator Guitar

This is a really nice example with a unique sound. The low notes growl out at you and the higher notes are nicely pitched with excellent sound levels.  It’s also well set up if you want to learn slide and the looks are phenomenal………I like it so much that it’s probably my favourite looking resonator. It’s the kind of guitar that looks even better the more it is played and would not look out of place with a good street performer playing on the underground!

The build is also first class. I tend to play guitars quite hard and some would say brutally and this piece never looked like giving a problem or breaking down. Some people have criticised the cone quality but it seemed really good to me and I guess time will tell. Others report some buzzing but again I didn’t notice anything untoward and the sound is amazing. You can read more about it here.

It is the kind of dobro resonator that looks very professional and could belong to Mike Auldridge!

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