Review of the Regal RC-2 Duolian Resonator Guitar

Is the Regal RC-2 Worth Buying?

One of the best resonator guitars out there relative to the price, the Regal RC-2 Duolian provides quality tone and good craftsmanship and enables you to find that 30’s resonator sound made famous by the likes of Son House and Bukka White.

The Duolian-style is a nickel-plated steel body and comes with a rosewood fingerboard, has a adjustable truss rod and has a die-cast 15:1 ratio machine heads that tunes the strings securely and easily. Other features include a 9” spun resonator cone as well as a biscuit bridge.

Although it comes with a great and satisfying tone right out of the box but can be improved if you know what you’re doing and make the right string adjustments. For those that want instant gratification, you may want to consider changing the sixth string straight away instead of waiting and letting the bronze wound string intonation influence your overall thoughts on the RC-2. The original strings are quite thin but cable can be added to make the guitar give a better, as well as louder, sound. String replacements that are recommended if you plan on playing a lot of slide are medium or heavier strings that start with a .12.

When it comes to the guitars body the RC-2s overall finish is lovely but does require a certain amount of love and attention to keep clean and maintain that chrome shine, although a polish after each use should do the job. The RC-2s neck in comparison with the Nationals and Dobros is maybe a little on the thin side being less than one inch deep, but this is obviously down to your own personal preference and not to be seen as an issue. However, the wood quality on the neck isn’t the greatest despite efforts to make it look like better quality, but should not be a cause for concern unless you indulge in some odd playing styles. Even though the fretwork is nothing exceptional, there were no rough ends or major flaws found with the guitar.

Finally, taking a quick look at the action, it may appear to be a little too low for slide playing, but don’t worry, just give it a try and find out for yourself how well it works for both slide and normal playing.

When it comes down to it, the RC-2 is a copy of a National and will obviously lack the same sound quality without some amount of tinkering. However, the price difference should free up a substantial amount of capital to tinker away until your heart desires if you have the knowledge or know a good and trustworthy set-up guy and you will of course find yourself making adjustments throughout the playing life of your guitar.At the end of the day, if you are interesting in getting into slide and reso playing then this guitar is a very good place to start. You won’t be breaking the bank to purchase it and with some minor adjustments and good care will give you the quality resonator sound that will please any audience. Definitely recommended for first time buyers.

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