SX Square Neck Resonator Guitar Review

This square neck resonator that is made by SX features a 10” cone and spider bridge with a rosewood fret board with mother of pearl dots inlayed. In total the Square Neck has 19 frets and has some very nice chrome finished machine head tuning pegs. The top and body of the guitar is Malapoka-styled wood, and has a vintage sunburst finish which is very pretty and stylish, giving this SX a very nice visual affect. This is a Dobro-styled slide guitar and is designed to be played on your lap and plucked until your heart is content.

For the price that it is, the SX is a perfect entry level resonator and thus should only really be purchased by those who are looking for their first resonator, whilst for others, they should not expect top quality if they do decide to pick up one of these. That said, if you don’t have enough dough to drop on the next level of resonator guitars, then you can always grab this one and tweak it as you go along as it is a pretty model and is of sound enough quality to justify playing the waiting game with it.

For a fairly cheap guitar, the sound it produces is nice and certainly pleasing for those who may have just got into resonator playing, but when you really start to analyse the sound, you start to realise why the price is so low. The main issue with the sound is that when you really go after the notes, the bass sound that the guitar produces can get quite distorted and when this is combined with the fact that the overall sound isn’t particularly loud, it can be displeasing at times to the ears of a keen guitarist or audience. With this said, if you’re reading the reviews on the SX Square Neck, then you know that you are going to get the quality you paid for and when you take this into account you can start to appreciate the vintage tonal quality that this SX produces.

As with most of the lower end models, unless you are very content with the sound when you first get your hands on it, you will want to be making some adjustments and customizing the overall setup to your liking. The best place to start is with the strings, which are a little thin, and then you might want to move onto replacing the cone, which together will upgrade the sound massively when compared with the stock parts.

When you take everything into consideration the SX Square Neck is great value for money and perfect for anyone that wants to pick up a lap guitar to impress his or her non-resonator enthusiast friends as the sound quality it produces is easily appreciated for the uninitiated. However, this is not going to be your first stop if you are a keen resonator player, and unless you intend on carrying out some heavy customization, should be thought of only as a third or fourth choice. Overall, a solid resonator, but not the best.

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